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About us

Who are we?


現在は、日本市場のテイストや品質のスタンダードも含め、日本の市場要求にマッチしたEUのオーガニック + グルテンフリー、ヴィーガン、スーパーフード、ローなどを含む加工食品を日本に輸出しております。


We are Japanese who base in EU/Germany since 2003. We have been in convenient circumstances to enjoy organic and natural foods, which arouses our interest for organic and FREE FROM foods more. Through a Macrobiotic diet in EU and other experiences, we have recognized the differences of available foods at both sides of Japan and EU, which might be brought by different food culture. We could discover potential demands at both banks, while we are laid across there. We feel a desire to be a BRIDGE by introducing and exchanging the wonderful products between Japan and EU.
We currently export processed foods to Japan concerned with ORGANIC + GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN, SUPERFOODS, RAW from EU, which satisfy particular requirements of tastes and quality standards in Japanese market.

In 2022, we started to import Sake (rice wine) from Japan including the EU organic certified. Now we are expanding more Japanese Essence. The distribution can be available within EU coutries.
We would like to encourage the Japanese organic agriculture and the inheritanced tradition.
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